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Just install the Wit-Buzz plugin on your website, and start to collect your audience's opinion according to 7 key indicators. The Wit-Buzz indicators cover 3 topics: Design, Content and Sentiment.

Wit-Buzz generates Buzz as users are recommending your website. The good word then flies quickly to your audience's contacts, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, increasing your traffic.

Wit-Buzz lets you access details of your audience's opinions at any time. Simply compare your ratings to other sites to continuously improve your e-Reputation.

The 7 Wit-Buzz Indicators

Aesthetics Originality Ergonomy Interest Richness Update Trust
Good looking (layout, colors, pictures) Original design and structure Ease of use, Clarity, Navigation Interesting content, meets expectations Abundant and complete content Up-to-date Content, novelties Respect of privacy, security
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